Changes are opportunities to grow!

I believe that to embrace change is to develop! Whether it’s emotionally, personally or professionally because even if a change that you make doesn’t work out, you will most definitely learn from it! Continue reading “Changes are opportunities to grow!”




Like the waves of the Ocean

The highs and lows, the ups and downs

The joy, the pain, the smiles, the frowns

The fierce, the wild, the calm the peace

They roll in and then they cease

For these are temporary states of mind

Embrace them, ride them and leave them behind!


Don’t become “Frozen” in time! Let it go!

And I’m not talking Disney films here!

What is it that makes us hold onto bad memories and experiences? Is it the familiarity of the “NOT” so comfortable “Comfort Zone” that we become accustomed to? Or is it fear of facing the demons that haunt us from our pasts, is it easier to let them continue to rule our hearts and minds robbing us of our futures that could be so bright, rather than confronting them to regain the power to finally let them go! Continue reading “Don’t become “Frozen” in time! Let it go!”

There is Sunshine in my soul!

3 weeks into my blog and I feel amazing!

I have worked hard on myself over the years to breathe new life into a soul that stood staring the point of no return full in the face!

And although the work continues each and every day, through writing I am able to express myself in a way I never thought possible, my soul is alive! My journey has allowed me to let go and writing has set my soul free!

To find happiness, always look within yourself first!

A life less ordinary!

I’ve written “A life less ordinary” because I feel it’s important for my readers to understand my story, it is personal but it is also necessary.

So this is where it really begins, in my previous blogs you can see that I’m practising living a positive life and by writing about it I’m hoping to inspire others to try to do the same!

Why? Because I’ve been to hell and it wasn’t for me! Continue reading “A life less ordinary!”

The art of being patient…. Is it really a Virtue?

During my journey to self-awareness I came to the realisation that I’m not or at least have not always been the most patient of people, I kind of knew this already but never really understood the importance of it before the “self-awareness lightbulb moment”! Continue reading “The art of being patient…. Is it really a Virtue?”