For me it’s the most wonderful time of the year!


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Me, myself and I

It’s been around two weeks since my last post, life is great and has been busy but I have realised just how much I have missed sitting down to write, life happens and time passes..

But you know what!

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We are what we speak!

How positive is your vocabulary?

Many of us today are trying to practice a positive life and mind-set but is our vocabulary letting us down?

This is one part of the process that took me a while to get my head around but I understand now why it has such an important role within The Law of Attraction. How can you attract positivity if your conversation speaks negatively!


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Shakespeare? Or just a bunch of crazy people having fun!

Leave the expectation at home and enjoy the experience!

Last night I attended an outdoor theatre with my girlfriends, not something that any of us had done before so we were all extremely excited. The setting was beautiful in the woodland area of a local farm and Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” was the subject of the evening’s entertainment. Continue reading “Shakespeare? Or just a bunch of crazy people having fun!”

Friends! The family you choose for yourself!

One of life’s true blessing is friendship!

A majority of people can count the number of their true friends on one hand and I am no different, we all have a circle of people that we know and enjoy spending time with but there are usually only a few people in that circle that know you inside out, I’m talking from your darkest secrets to your biggest accomplishments, your failures, your heart breaks and your joys, the ones that you can really just be yourself with, the ones that pick you up off the floor when life knocks you down and the ones that are there to help you celebrate when life is good! But how do these friendships grow, what is the key ingredient to a successful friendship? Continue reading “Friends! The family you choose for yourself!”

You talk the talk but can you actually walk the walk?

How many of us know someone who fits this description! Or Is this even you?

For me it’s pretty simple, life I mean, it’s what you make it right? We all have the power to create the life we want but the difference is some of us make it happen and some of us, don’t!

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With your eyes wide shut how will you hear their silent cry for help!

You Won’t!

Since I’ve started my blog and made a decision to talk about some really personal experiences, I have read some truly inspiring stories by other bloggers, so many people are freeing themselves of the burdens of their experiences by writing about it and sharing it with others, I have true admiration for each and every one of them as I know how hard that would have been. It’s pretty eye-opening that so many people go through such awful struggles in life and it actually makes me sad that this seems to be “normal” in today’s society, it’s been amazing to read about the survival and recovery that some of them have been through, this can bring so much strength to others who may be experiencing similar things, when you can relate to a situation and you see how someone else has come through it, it gives you hope and inspiration that you can do the same! Continue reading “With your eyes wide shut how will you hear their silent cry for help!”