The Winter Blues or did I just fall off the motivational ladder!

The winter blues really did take hold this year and I have felt that I had well and truly fallen off the motivational ladder! In my mind I have half written a hundred posts or more but getting them completed and down on paper has proven to be more challenging than I’d like to admit! Do the seasons really affect us and our ability to get motivated? In my opinion the answer to this question is YES!

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It’s that time of year again!

When, all of a sudden it’s Christmas everywhere you look, even though it’s only November! Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas, just not until at least until December! Bah Humbug! You may be thinking but come on it seems to get earlier every year and personally advertising Christmas before we’ve even had Halloween I think is a little over the top! For all those who can’t wait to put the tree up by the end of October……. I’m not judging it’s just a little too early for my liking!

But hey each to their own!


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