My Love!

I wrote this for my other half,  3 years on and I think it’s ok to share it! He said he didn’t mind, we met online which will make sense once you read it!

You came along with your Norfolk tongue and swept me off my feet,

It must have been fate that we had that date as I thought we’d never meet,

And now you’re here I have no fear I know that you’re the one,

You’re funny kind and caring and quite a lot of fun,

I always want you to be mine and of this I am certain,

I love your smile and playfulness and like it when we’re flirting,

You make me blush but I think you’re lush you make my heart go BOOM,

I never thought I could feel this way until you walked in the room,

I love you more than words can say,

And I’m truly thankful everyday,

That NorwichBOY62,

Said, Hi I’m Andy how are you.



London’s Calling!

I wrote this for a friend a while ago, they were moving to London to start a new life! I just came across it in an old notebook so thought I’d share it!


London’s calling, a new way of life is about to begin,

The excitement and the chaos breathe it all in,

The entirety of life all in one place,

Living the dream or running the rat race,

Embrace the experience for all its worth,

We’re only here once on this crazy earth,

London’s calling and it’s not gonna wait,

Grab this opportunity it’ll be great,

I wish you good luck I know you’ll go far,

But don’t let it change you you’re awesome as you are,

And if it gets too much and you need a break,

Remember I’m just a train ride away for the perfect escape!




Mad World!

What’s happening to our world, has it gone mad?
How did it ever get this bad!
The mindless violence and killing,
The tears, the pain, the blood that’s spilling!
Innocent lives taken each day,
A cost they should have not had pay!

The cry for world peace appears in vain,
What’s happening to our world, this is insane!
What is the meaning of all this hate,
With us, the innocent, used as bait!
To fuel the terror that has ravished our lands,
It’s time to end this and reach out our hands!

To stand strong together, to stand and unite,
To salvage our world and bring an end to this fight!


The hand of fate!

How many of you believe in fate and destiny?

I absolutely do!

I am at a place in my life that, let’s say 10 years ago I would never have imagined I would be! And I believe that certain things along the way have ensured I ended up here!
Ok like what? You might ask, well I’m going to give the best and most current example,

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Looking for Nessie!


And whilst we were looking we fell in love…….with the Scottish Highlands!


I would describe my recent trip to the Scottish Highlands as probably the icing on the cake of all the places I have visited in the past two years! Hand on my heart I have never felt so connected to a place ever before!

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I started a business and climbed a mountain! And I mean literally climbed a mountain!

In this mad crazy rollercoaster of a life I have very recently made two quite major decisions! One was to start a business, just as some extra income alongside my full-time job, so that I can perhaps indulge in a few luxuries as I’m getting older and the other was to climb a mountain, something I had never thought about or prepared for or even really ever wanted to do but something that has now become quite significant in my life!

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