Today I say goodbye!

I wrote the following poem for someone who recently passed away, he was a lovely old gentleman and although I only knew him for a short time, he had touched my heart!


I lit a candle for you to help you find your way,

I watched the flame and thought of you and shed a tear that day,

It was a pleasure knowing you although it wasn’t for long,

You touched my heart all the same and I’m saddened that you’re gone,

I hope that you will be at peace and find the loved ones from your past,

I’m sure that they’d be waiting to reunite with you at last,

So stretch out your angel wings it’s time for you to fly,

I’ll always have a thought for you but today I say goodbye.





My Angel

I wrote this for two angels that I have in my life, two amazing people who have seen me though some really tough times!

You are my shining light when darkness falls,

You are my comfort when sadness calls,

You are my strength in times of need,

When I am lost I follow your lead,

You are my angel a true god send,

I am so honoured to call you my friend.


My Love!

I wrote this for my other half,  3 years on and I think it’s ok to share it! He said he didn’t mind, we met online which will make sense once you read it!

You came along with your Norfolk tongue and swept me off my feet,

It must have been fate that we had that date as I thought we’d never meet,

And now you’re here I have no fear I know that you’re the one,

You’re funny kind and caring and quite a lot of fun,

I always want you to be mine and of this I am certain,

I love your smile and playfulness and like it when we’re flirting,

You make me blush but I think you’re lush you make my heart go BOOM,

I never thought I could feel this way until you walked in the room,

I love you more than words can say,

And I’m truly thankful everyday,

That NorwichBOY62,

Said, Hi I’m Andy how are you.


London’s Calling!

I wrote this for a friend a while ago, they were moving to London to start a new life! I just came across it in an old notebook so thought I’d share it!


London’s calling, a new way of life is about to begin,

The excitement and the chaos breathe it all in,

The entirety of life all in one place,

Living the dream or running the rat race,

Embrace the experience for all its worth,

We’re only here once on this crazy earth,

London’s calling and it’s not gonna wait,

Grab this opportunity it’ll be great,

I wish you good luck I know you’ll go far,

But don’t let it change you you’re awesome as you are,

And if it gets too much and you need a break,

Remember I’m just a train ride away for the perfect escape!




Mad World!

What’s happening to our world, has it gone mad?
How did it ever get this bad!
The mindless violence and killing,
The tears, the pain, the blood that’s spilling!
Innocent lives taken each day,
A cost they should have not had pay!

The cry for world peace appears in vain,
What’s happening to our world, this is insane!
What is the meaning of all this hate,
With us, the innocent, used as bait!
To fuel the terror that has ravished our lands,
It’s time to end this and reach out our hands!

To stand strong together, to stand and unite,
To salvage our world and bring an end to this fight!


The loved up geek!

This is what my daughter lovingly referred to me as the other day……… and I guess she’s right!

When I was younger during my late 20’s probably up to my early 40’s I wanted to be part of the action, the social scene so to speak, don’t get me wrong I was never a wild party animal but I loved socialising and having a busy fast paced life, I definitely did my fair share of nights out and girls holidays but I wasn’t a raver of any description! I guess back in my 20’s I needed to be amongst the hustle bustle of life and my own company in those days wasn’t very appealing, I always felt that I needed to have something planned to keep my anxious mind occupied, I thought I would always want to live in a town where everything was on hand and there was always be someone close by if I needed them and whilst I was a single mum constantly fighting for survival this suited me just fine!

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