As Valentine’s Day Approaches are you in the mood for love?

Or is Romance really dead?

Is your love really measured by the size of your….. Valentine’s bouquet? (Now now, keep it clean!) Does this really prove your love for someone?

No of course it doesn’t so all you non-romantics can breathe a sigh of relief and put your credit card back in your wallet! No, as an old romantic I see Valentine’s Day as a celebration of love, one day out of the whole year that is dedicated to love (but that’s just me I can’t help it!) as we get closer to the special day and the shops become a sea of red with hearts and roses to mark the occasion I can’t lie it does make me feel all warm and fuzzy! And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with buying your loved one a gift!  However I also believe that as everything does it has become too commercialised, which means the retailers are cashing in and ripping us off, why should anyone pay such ridiculous prices for flowers and why is a meal for two in your favourite restaurant suddenly £50 a head when last week you paid the same price for both of you! No that’s all wrong, as much as receiving a dozen long-stemmed red roses on Valentine’s Day from my other half would set my heart a flutter I truly believe that celebrating your love for one another shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg! Can you really put a price on love? an emotion that when given to the right person shouldn’t cost a penny! There’s so many things you can do for one another and it’s the little things in life that really are the most important, so, don’t save them for Valentine’s Day do them everyday!

Let’s face it and in the words of Feargul Sharkey “a good heart these days is hard to find, true love, the lasting kind”!


Especially in a world of internet dating and where a casual relationship has become the latest fashion accessory! So, when you do happen to come across “The One”, “The love of your life” or how ever you want to put it surely you want to hold on to that person, right? Which brings me to the subject of the “honeymoon period” we all know that this refers to the start of a relationship when you just want to spend every waking moment with that person and nothing is too much trouble as long as you are together! So at what stage in the relationship signifies “the honeymoon period” being over, the point in the relationship when you feel comfortable enough to stop trying and all the effort you made when you first met is suddenly too much effort!! Who decides that?? And why do we accept it! Well I don’t accept it! Why does falling in love and the feeling of being in love have a time limit? Just because you’ve dated someone for a while and confessed you’re undying love, that does not mean that you no longer need to make an effort to show that person how much you care, I mean why would any of us want to be with someone who doesn’t make an effort? (food for thought!!).


This is what I’m talking about when I say celebrate your love, I don’t know about you but I love getting butterflies at thought of seeing my other half, I love the little notes we leave each on the pillows and I love waking up to a love quote message on my phone in the morning! Why wouldn’t anyone want those feelings of love and excitement to last? Ok some of you might be reaching for the sick bucket right now but the truth is relationships need to be worked at and it’s these little things that make a difference, unless you’re made of stone of course! Whatever your opinion on romance is I can’t imagine there’s a single person in this world that doesn’t want to be loved! So start celebrating love everyday, not just on February the 14th! And not just for the so-called “honeymoon period”!

Make love last!



And as for this old romantic, well I’ve already got my Valentines gift in the bag!


Author: madcrazylifesite

I'm just an ordinary person who loves to write, my life hasn't always been so ordinary and I kind of hope that my writing may help or inspire others who have had similar life exepriences.

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