Clouds in my coffee?

No that’s an Angel!

Have you ever asked for a sign that someone is watching over you? And if so did you receive it? If you were asked if you believed in fairies and angels and the power of the universe would you answer truthfully?

The more I believe in the power of the universe the more amazing things I see, whether that’s because I want to believe I see these things or whether I actually am seeing them really makes no difference, because my life is moving forward now in a way that I once never saw possible and when I recently asked for a sign I quite literally got it! Right there in my coffee!

Sometimes when we come across life’s bumps in the road it can be quite comforting to think that loved ones who have passed are watching over us keeping us safe and very occasionally I ask for a sign, I wasn’t expecting it to come in the form that it did however! During a visit to a small town in Norfolk one Sunday afternoon my partner and I had sought shelter from the blustery weather in a delightful little coffee shop that we had stumbled upon. So with coffee and cake ordered we found a cosy corner to relax and take in the surroundings of this quaint and quirky place.

I had had a few things on my mind that week and had been speaking to my dad who is sadly no longer with us (I do that sometimes it makes me feel close to him)


when the coffee arrived I didn’t waste any time taking a long sip and warming my hands on the rather large mug it was served in! As I placed the mug back down I was amazed by what I saw, both myself and my partner could quite clearly see the outline of an angel formed in the froth on top of my coffee, staff in hand and wings stretched out to the side! Wow!! I was actually taken aback by this and instantly took the photograph before it disappeared and as proof of course that I wasn’t making it up when I tried explaining it later to my friends, this was so amazing and I suddenly felt reassured and at peace, ok so some of you may now be thinking I’m crazy but I know that this was a sign, the answer to my questions that I had been asking that week! It was, to me confirmation that I’m being looked after and at that time I really needed to know that!


There are so many small things that happen in life that show us we are not alone some of which will go unnoticed by the non-believers, but when you believe that’s when the magic really starts to happen, I have experienced so many things and each time something happens it makes me believe even more in the energy that surrounds us and it is giving me continuous courage and strength to create the life that I desire, guiding me as I go.

Now I recently had a Tarot card reading with a lady whom I have known for some time and from whom I have had many readings before, it’s something I may do once every couple of years just when I may need some clarification in life, I don’t live my life by it but it definitely answers a few questions that I may have at that moment in time and this reading was no different, in fact it was probably the best reading I had had, there was so much relevance in the cards to what is and has been happening in my life that it was uncanny but in a good way, it confirmed to me that I am on the right path. As a strong believer in the ability to manifest what you desire with your thoughts and by visualisation the icing on the for me was when the last card was turned, this card is called a fairy card (no I’m not away with the fairies, I completely have all of my marbles haha!) It’s the card that sums up your reading so when she turned over the “Dreams come true” card we were both very excited to see it, she said that in all the time she had been reading cards never had she turned over this card for anyone before, so for me this was quite a significant sign, the reason I say this because for a lot of months now I have really been focusing on what I want in my life and I have already manifested a lot of opportunities for myself that are now allowing me to work towards those very goals, which is exactly what this card means, all that you are visualising and focusing your energy on is now coming to you! You can just imagine how uplifted I was now feeling! And yes I know this might seem like a lot of old nonsense to some but all of these little experiences only make my belief stronger, which in turn increases the positive energy around me making it more and more possible to create the life I want and for that I am truly thankful!

So yes if anyone were ever to ask me, I do believe in fairies, and angels and most of all the power of the Universe!



Author: madcrazylifesite

I'm just an ordinary person who loves to write, my life hasn't always been so ordinary and I kind of hope that my writing may help or inspire others who have had similar life exepriences.

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