The loved up geek!

This is what my daughter lovingly referred to me as the other day……… and I guess she’s right!

When I was younger during my late 20’s probably up to my early 40’s I wanted to be part of the action, the social scene so to speak, don’t get me wrong I was never a wild party animal but I loved socialising and having a busy fast paced life, I definitely did my fair share of nights out and girls holidays but I wasn’t a raver of any description! I guess back in my 20’s I needed to be amongst the hustle bustle of life and my own company in those days wasn’t very appealing, I always felt that I needed to have something planned to keep my anxious mind occupied, I thought I would always want to live in a town where everything was on hand and there was always be someone close by if I needed them and whilst I was a single mum constantly fighting for survival this suited me just fine!

It’s only been in recent years I would say maybe the last four or five, funnily enough now that I have gone through the healing process of the battleground in which I once resided that I’ve noticed more and more the other side of life, the peaceful side, the calm and the beauty of this world we live in and as much as I dislike admitting it I very much believe that this comes with age, it’s absolutely necessary as you grow to experience what life has to offer before you become a “geek”! Now for some the slower pace of life will never be on the agenda but for me it’s absolutely top of my bucket list!

After all the soul-searching and finding my “inner peace” I started to appreciate the smallest of life’s treasure’s, the birds singing, the sunshine, walking on the beach even on a cold day, strolling through a woodland and taking in things that I had never been interested in before and then something amazing happened, I met my soul mate and I found that he too had a love of these things, so, in the early stages of our blossoming relationship our dates would often be walking in the countryside or along beaches or just sitting somewhere peaceful and watching the world go by, this is when I fell in love not only with him but with this way of life, it makes me feel so grateful and privileged to have all of these wonderful things around me and they cost nothing at all, since we’ve been together we’ve seen places I never thought I would ever see or go or even thought I would want to! It’s just amazing how many stunning places there are just here in England.


Now we are working towards having a home in the country together and this fills me with such excitement, I am so looking forward to that day, where home will be amongst everything we love and the slower pace of life becomes a reality. We are, in just a couple of weeks embarking on our first hiking trip together and that’s where the reference of the “loved up geek” came from, during a conversation with my daughter about this very hiking trip I was telling her of my excitement and she responded with “aww you two are such loved up geeks”! I guess growing up she has also seen a transition in me from a mum that survived on stress to a mum that loves nothing more than peace and quiet, and ok as much I still love the odd night out with the girls,  I actually prefer a night in with them, dinner, a few glasses of wine and good conversation, that’s what floats my boat, more so than standing in a crowded place in evil shoes that kill my feet, not being able to hear myself think let alone the person next to me as they try to make conversation, god that makes me sound old! Haha! But I’ve been there done that, crippled my feet and survived the hangovers so I really don’t feel that I have missed out on anything at all, at the soon to be grand “youthful” age of 46 I have had my fill of that scene and yes I enjoyed every minute! I’ve danced until my feet were numb and still in the shape of my shoes hours after taking them off, I’ve drunk until I’m dizzy and had to run to the bathroom hugging the toilet as the alcohol makes its way back up again and I have laughed until I’ve cried!


Now I am ready for the finer things in life and when I say the finer things I’m not talking about expensive holidays or extravagant purchases, I’m talking about my home in the country, swapping the heels for hiking boots and long walks together in on a Sunday morning, taking in the surroundings and the watching the wildlife as the dog chases anything that moves, getting home, cooking together and then curling up on the sofa to relax before the start of a new week! That is what I want now, the simple things in life, that is my dream and if that makes me a geek…..

Well then so be it!



Author: madcrazylifesite

I'm just an ordinary person who loves to write, my life hasn't always been so ordinary and I kind of hope that my writing may help or inspire others who have had similar life exepriences.

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