For my Daughter!

As she walks away from the car the beautiful young woman before me turns and says “Thanks mum l love you, I’ll text you when I get there”

 And there you are my daughter, a beautiful young woman off to London for the evening and as I leave you at the train station I am helpless against the pangs of worry that force their way into my mind, “will you get there ok? Is someone meeting you the other end? Will you remember to text me when you get there? All the usual mum worry’s albeit you are almost 23 but as a mother those fears never completely leave my side, they linger, whispering not so sweet nothings in my ear just when I’ve convinced myself that there’s nothing to worry for, you’re a big girl you can look after yourself! (You’ll experience this too when motherhood comes to you)

Years of being a child needing me and never straying too far from the “Apron Strings” I suddenly see the transition from girl to woman and you have quite literally bloomed, you have come so far, as I watch you as you start to spread your wings and take flight on the journey that’s your life, I am so proud and happy for you, to see you have fun and grab life’s experiences by the horns as you grow and find your way in this world, I am also scared for you and I worry for you as any mother does but that’s purely out of love, waiting in the wings ready to catch you if you fall, whilst knowing that you have to make your own mistakes I’m still there with love and support when things don’t quite go as you thought and on hand with the tissues when you realise he’s not the one!

From the day you were born we have been on such a journey together, you putting all of your trust in me to do a good job and me winging it most of the time in the hope that you’d turn out fine! And you know what you did, through all the battles that we’ve fought together and sometimes with each other you turned out just fine, more than fine in-fact, you are strong and you are unusually wise for one so young, yes we’ve had our ups and downs but we’ve reached an understanding that I’m your mum and you’re my child and that’s never going to change, but now we are also friends, regardless that you are making your own path you still look to me for guidance and I will always try to offer you the best advice and vice versa, you’re pretty smart when it comes to that!


We can laugh together and at each other and yes there are still days when you make me want to count to ten or even a bit more, whilst tripping over the hair-dryer and make up you’ve left lying on the floor, but I know that one day you too will experience these frustrations with your children, it’s all part of growing up! (That’s not a get out of jail free card for not washing up however!)


All in all, you’re pretty special, to me that is, and I just wanted you to know that you’ve done well, I am proud of you, I believe in you and I love you with all my heart!  Now that you’re all grown up the best advice I can give you now is……….

Keep a positive mind, spread your wings, take flight and enjoy all the beauty that life has to offer you, see it, experience it and cherish it, the world is your oyster!



Love always Mum xx





Author: madcrazylifesite

I'm just an ordinary person who loves to write, my life hasn't always been so ordinary and I kind of hope that my writing may help or inspire others who have had similar life exepriences.

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