Shakespeare? Or just a bunch of crazy people having fun!

Leave the expectation at home and enjoy the experience!

Last night I attended an outdoor theatre with my girlfriends, not something that any of us had done before so we were all extremely excited. The setting was beautiful in the woodland area of a local farm and Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” was the subject of the evening’s entertainment. Now I don’t claim to know anything about Shakespearian plays like many I guess I never really got my head around the language but for me and my girlfriends it was about the whole experience, doing something different and being open-minded whilst enjoying each other’s company. As we arrived the great British weather decided not to disappoint and after a week of glorious sunshine the heavens opened and down came the rain, but we were not deterred it was not going to spoil our evening of quality girl time and culture! And so it seemed for the rest of the audience who along with us had brought picnics of goodies and a few cheeky drinks. After being handed a plastic poncho by the organisers and directed to the seating area we settled in to enjoy our evening that we had no real expectations of other than we were experiencing something new with great friends, so with precariously balanced umbrellas and plastic ponchos at the ready we tucked into our continental style picnic whilst we eagerly awaited the show to begin, during this time the rain got heavier, our food got wetter as did we and it was time to embrace the plastic poncho as the fashion accessory of the evening, this rapidly brought on fits of the giggles as we desperately tried to work out which hole to put our heads through, almost an hour since our arrival, we were completely soaked, quite cold, wrapped in plastic and nibbling on wet ham and cheese, not my idea of a great night out you might think!

But that wasn’t the case for us, the show hadn’t even started yet and we had already laughed more in that hour than we had all week so what’s not to like!

All of a sudden we heard singing and the actors appeared in a clearing of the woodland that was full of props, the show had begun! As I said earlier Shakespeare has never been my thing, although familiar with a few well-known titles such as Hamlet, Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet for example I have never read a Shakespearian play before so this really was a new experience, as the story unfolded and whilst I watched with interest in the hope of getting to grips with “ Ye Olde English” language I soon began to realise I had no clue what was going on and upon glancing at my friend sitting next to me it quickly became apparent that neither did she, this was followed by more giggles as we no longer felt alone in our ignorance! As the evening progressed I found myself fixated by the actors who even though they may as well have been speaking Japanese to me, performed the story with great passion and humour, you didn’t really need to understand the story to enjoy it they were that good, a few modern twists such as a fantastic rendition of “It’s raining men” kept the audience alive with laughter and left us wanting more! was this Shakespeare? Or just a bunch of crazy people having fun! To be honest I really didn’t care!


So despite the rain that persisted for most of the evening, the soggy picnic and the smell of peanut m and m’s giving the girls hysterics (or maybe that was the two bottles of Prosecco!) fighting with the plastic poncho in the darkness of the port-a-loo in an attempt not to pee on ones-self and that awkward moment when there is suddenly silence at the exact same moment you decide to munch on the Doritos! (I guess you had to be there for that part!) This had been one of the funniest evenings I have had in ages! Which is why I just had to share the experience!

It makes you realise that sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone and do something different, leave the expectation behind and just have fun! I still don’t really understand what the play was about (no doubt Google will enlighten me) but it was still absolutely brilliant and worth every penny and I would do it again without hesitation rain or no rain! It was fun and different and I had shared it with my closest friends it could not have been a better evening!

I have said no to too many experiences in life before and ok there are somethings that I’m still not sure about but I have an open mind, I am becoming more and more open to the experiences that life has to offer!

It’s not always what you do it’s who you do it with that counts!








Author: madcrazylifesite

I'm just an ordinary person who loves to write, my life hasn't always been so ordinary and I kind of hope that my writing may help or inspire others who have had similar life exepriences.

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