Friends! The family you choose for yourself!

One of life’s true blessing is friendship!

A majority of people can count the number of their true friends on one hand and I am no different, we all have a circle of people that we know and enjoy spending time with but there are usually only a few people in that circle that know you inside out, I’m talking from your darkest secrets to your biggest accomplishments, your failures, your heart breaks and your joys, the ones that you can really just be yourself with, the ones that pick you up off the floor when life knocks you down and the ones that are there to help you celebrate when life is good! But how do these friendships grow, what is the key ingredient to a successful friendship?

In my opinion the secret to a lasting friendship is many things, love, respect, trust, loyalty, compassion, empathy, patience and communication, being just a few obvious ones that come to mind!

As I have said in my previous blogs I am extremely lucky to have the most amazing friends and I believe they are one of my greatest blessings! We have literally been through everything together and without each other we may not have survived as well as we have, we have a remarkable understanding of each other’s needs, by that I mean we totally get each other as people, as individuals we all have our quirks and that’s ok because we get it and we respect that aspect of one another’s personalities! Friendships are the same as relationships with partners in many ways, there is always a need to make certain comprises and communication is a key factor if they are going to survive! Now I value my friends like they are my family and whatever is going on in my life they are right there with me, that’s how it should right? We are all strong characters, we all have children and we are all very independent so the common ground was a pretty good foundation to begin with, this said we are all still very different and enjoy doing our own thing but we’re never very far away from each other if an emergency occurs i.e. a relationship breakup, a child in hospital, a broken down car etc. etc. we are there as soon as we can be to offer support in whatever way possible however busy we may be at the time, it is the most amazing feeling to know that that support is there and we all have it equally, one thing I need to point out however is that this it’s never taken for granted, it’s never assumed, only ever appreciated and that’s what makes us really value our friendships with each other! Another important factor is that as friends we do not compete with each other, we all have our own successes in life and when these come along we only ever feel proud, happy and excited for each other, there is no jealousy or resentment and no competitiveness with a need to out-do one another, I mean why would there be!

Now friendship is not just about the good stuff, sometimes in life we go through situations that may or may not be within our control and how we react to these situations can sometimes be unexpected, our emotions can have a way of overwhelming us on the odd occasion and maybe we just don’t deal with something quite as we should, in this situation I am glad to say that I can rely on my friends to put me straight, bring me back down to earth and into the arms of rationality, I know that they can tell me honestly with love and compassion that I may be over reacting or behaving inappropriately and I will listen because I value their opinion and I value their advice, they know me and know when I’m veering off track! I suppose you could say it’s like having a guardian angel by your side guiding you back to your path when you’ve lost your way! I also know that I can do the same for them in return and they will appreciate it! You see when the weight of the world has taken up residence on your shoulders however temporary this may-be we can react differently and sometimes act irrationally, having a friend to shed light on the situation can help us find clarity again in order for us to continue moving forward, without that concern for each other there is no care and without care there would be no friendship in the first place.

I whole heartedly know that the friendships I have with these beautiful women are going to last a lifetime I have full trust in them to catch me when I fall and vice versa! Without them I would not be who I am today!

To have a friend there has to be a connection, but in order for that friendship to grow there needs to be a bond, you need to care about them, appreciate them, value them and understand it’s not all about YOU! True friendship “IS” a relationship and must be given the same respect!

We’re not just friends we are soul sisters, and that makes us family!





Author: madcrazylifesite

I'm just an ordinary person who loves to write, my life hasn't always been so ordinary and I kind of hope that my writing may help or inspire others who have had similar life exepriences.

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