With your eyes wide shut how will you hear their silent cry for help!

You Won’t!

Since I’ve started my blog and made a decision to talk about some really personal experiences, I have read some truly inspiring stories by other bloggers, so many people are freeing themselves of the burdens of their experiences by writing about it and sharing it with others, I have true admiration for each and every one of them as I know how hard that would have been. It’s pretty eye-opening that so many people go through such awful struggles in life and it actually makes me sad that this seems to be “normal” in today’s society, it’s been amazing to read about the survival and recovery that some of them have been through, this can bring so much strength to others who may be experiencing similar things, when you can relate to a situation and you see how someone else has come through it, it gives you hope and inspiration that you can do the same!

Our journeys are all different but the outcome is one of positivity and strength and the desire to inspire others to face their fears! So many of us are practising a positive life even after going through some really difficult times! Now although some of us have taken that leap of faith, it’s not the same for everyone and it’s still quite shocking that so many people and I mean men, women and children are living with terrible secrets and suffering in silence, with the main reason for that silence being, FEAR! for example if you’re a man who is experiencing domestic violence at the hands of a woman (this is more common than we may think by the way!) would you admit it? Probably not! If you’re a child that’s being bullied by your peers who would you tell? Probably no-one! If you’re a mother suffering from post-natal depression how likely are you to let someone know you can’t cope with your beautiful new blessing? Not very likely! These are all real situations that people go through every single day and they are all situations that can lead to a fatal outcome, this is why we need more awareness, this was one of the reasons that I chose to start my blog in the first place and it seems that’s why others are also doing the same! Not only because writing helps to heal, which it absolutely does, but to let others know that it’s ok to talk about these types of situations, that you can recover from them and you can have a happy life! I don’t believe that anyone wants to suffer in silence, I believe that it’s the fear of what will happen once that silence is broken that often holds people back, fear of being seen as a failure, fear of being laughed at, fear of not being believed! I understand that, I have stood in those shoes!

But times are changing and whilst these situations are not easy to talk about or to listen to they are real and part of so many people’s lives, so the more of us that reach out for help the more awareness there will be and the first steps towards a better future can begin. But you know It’s not just the sufferer of these circumstances that can reach out, we all have loved ones, friends and colleagues, chances are that someone you know is probably going through one of these situations right now, not necessarily the ones I mentioned above but a struggle that is killing them inside forcing them to live in its shadows! There will always be signs, please don’t let them go un-noticed, you see, you don’t hear a silent cry for help, you see it! Don’t have your eyes wide shut to someone’s suffering, offering the hand of kindness could be all they need to take those first steps to letting someone know what they’re going through, we can all be more aware of what’s going on around us and you could help change someone’s life just by recognising that they’re in need! Speaking from experience it can make all the difference!




Author: madcrazylifesite

I'm just an ordinary person who loves to write, my life hasn't always been so ordinary and I kind of hope that my writing may help or inspire others who have had similar life exepriences.

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