Changes are opportunities to grow!

I believe that to embrace change is to develop! Whether it’s emotionally, personally or professionally because even if a change that you make doesn’t work out, you will most definitely learn from it!

My life has been a constant series of change, some that were created by me and others that I had no choice in! It’s how you deal with it that matters! I know not everyone welcomes change and someone people find themselves stuck because they can’t bring themselves to accept it, but the reality is life will move on with or without you! If you’re not willing to accept change how can you move forward?

During my working career I think it’s fair to say that I’ve had more jobs than the average person which might make you think that’s nothing to be proud of! Or is it?, I say this because I am someone who will change something about my life if it’s not working out for me, I’ve only ever been unemployed twice in my life both times due to redundancy and one of those times was for just a week! So you can see that I’m not work shy by any means, but it is important to me to enjoy what I do, I have always worked hard and gone the extra mile but if I’ve reached a stage where I’m dreading Mondays it’s time to move on! I won’t waste time being unhappy it’s not worth it! I remember a recruitment consultant once called me a job hopper, maybe he was right but I’ve hopped right into a job that I absolutely love so it all worked out in the end! I never quite felt the passion that I feel now, the right job can really make a difference!  It has also broadened my knowledge, increased my skills and made me realise that actually work life balance is super important! Over the years I’ve gained a lot of experience in a variety of industries and ok I may not need all of that going forward but what I can take forward is my ability to learn, my confidence, my social and communication skills all of which I have developed through change! Whilst I’m not advising everyone to become a “Job Hopper” I am advising everyone to not accept what doesn’t make you happy! Don’t fear change because change can help you grow as a person! These were changes that I chose for myself so they were easy to accept, but I have also been forced to make changes in my life that weren’t easy but they were necessary, so I made them anyway!

As you will know from my previous blogs my life has had its fair share of challenges, emotionally and physically and they have taken their toll to say the least but by facing these changes head on I have become stronger and in my opinion better equipped to deal with life’s ups and downs.

During some of those down times I suffered with depression, after being forced to move house several times due to financial strain and becoming unwell the depression really took hold, for a while I denied that this was happening to me and plodded on not really moving forward with anything, life had become a real weight around my neck and my friends became concerned, eventually after some persuading from my friends I accepted that I needed some help, now these types of changes are always the hardest because you want to resist them, no-one wants to admit they are depressed, you have to face the fact that you now have to do something about it if you are going to turn your life around and that can be hard work, not something you really feel like doing when you’re in that state of mind! Thankfully I was lucky enough to have people around me that were going to catch me when I fell, the support of my friends made it a lot easier to get through what felt like constantly walking through quicksand.

Regardless of the struggle these changes were essential for me to move forward to a happier future, I guess the hardest part is actually accepting that change is needed, it’s easy to become stuck in our ways forever moaning about life and what we don’t have and can’t do, but by taking this option you are denying yourself a fuller life, opportunities present themselves every day but if you’re scared to make a change in case it doesn’t work out or it seems too much like hard work you won’t actually see those opportunities and you could miss out on the very thing that could make you happy!



Author: madcrazylifesite

I'm just an ordinary person who loves to write, my life hasn't always been so ordinary and I kind of hope that my writing may help or inspire others who have had similar life exepriences.

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