First blog post

This is the post excerpt.


Write a book they said!  This sums up why I decided to start this blog, my love of writing, my want to inspire others, my survival of a life less ordinary!


Beam me up Scotty!

Beam me up Scotty!

My love hate relationship with the modern world becomes more apparent to me the older I get.

Let me explain!

My partner and I recently visited the O2 arena in London to attend a concert, having got stuck in traffic on the way the what should have been an hour and half journey was more like 2 and half hours so when we eventually made it to the car park I felt somewhat stressed out, having been filled with excitement at the anticipation of attending the event I felt that my bubble was just about to burst, not to mention my bladder! Continue reading “Beam me up Scotty!”

Easy like a Sunday morning!


The one and only day of my week that I don’t make any plans, the only day of the week where getting out of bed happens naturally without the annoying sound of the alarm clock!

For me its a day I see for opportunity, it can be whatever I want it to be and you know what that is actually a pretty good feeling, a day without expectation has to be one of the most amazing things, I do still feel that I should make the most of the day but I can do it at my own pace, I love having that feeling of nowhere to be and no timescale to get stuff done! With Monday on the horizon and the world of work and commitments waiting for you to arrive bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, I have to say that Sunday is definitely my favourite day.

A day of self-care, to recharge my mind, body and soul to do something that I enjoy, whether that’s long country walks and bike rides, watching the wildlife in the garden, spending time with friends and family or simply writing my next post for my blog. It’s my day to do with what I will! When I was younger I always had an image in my mind that weekends were for sitting in your pyjamas, drinking coffee and reading newspapers, needless to say that in today’s society the reality is quite different, weekends are working days for many people including myself, I work two out of four Saturdays, which is why Sunday has become so special to me.

So today whilst I sit here writing this the pitter-patter of the rain on the conservatory roof gets louder and the clanging of the masts of the boats on the river are the only interruption of the peacefulness around me, as my cat purrs beside me, I can cherish and savor this time without stress and anxiety, without pressure or demands and I know that it’s been a day of self-indulgence well spent.

I’m sure you’ll all agree that there’s nothing like the feeling of just being free to do as you please even if it is for just one day!


Trying to Balance my Libra Scales!

As I sit here looking at the blank page, a million thoughts are flying round in my head, so many things I want to write about and yet I can’t think of a single thing to say!

Writers block? Maybe! Or perhaps I’m just waiting until I can make sense of the chaos in my mind!

You see things happen sometimes in life that have an effect on you, whether it’s emotionally or physically and mostly when things affect me, I want to write about them because that helps me to make sense of it!  But right now I feel……….. well, STUCK! I guess is the only way I can describe it, it’s been a long time since I posted on my blog my good intentions seemed to have been put on the back burner, whilst work has kind of taken over my life, having a loved one with a mental health illness has also contributed to the lack of time I have or should I say don’t have, don’t get me wrong they are absolutely a priority in my life and I will always have time for them, as for work, well, we need to work to live, right?

It’s just that these things have taken away my opportunity to actually sit down and let it all out! Now my head is so full I’m thinking that whatever I put down on paper won’t make any sense!

But I’m going to try anyway, here goes let’s try and get this out there! Continue reading “Trying to Balance my Libra Scales!”

So with love I let you go!

Inspired by a Reiki session I wrote this as an expression of freeing mine and my daughters souls from each other, for both our sakes haha! We are both at the start of our spiritual journeys.

I am strong, my soul is free,

I am empowered, I am me,

I am strong, I am bold,

You have released me from your hold,

You are strong, you are free

You are no longer bound to me,

You are strong, you are young

Your life now has truly begun

I’ll always there, you’re not alone

But you’ve got this now,  you can make it on your own,

So with love I let you go

And I’ll stand back and just watch you grow!


The Winter Blues or did I just fall off the motivational ladder!

The winter blues really did take hold this year and I have felt that I had well and truly fallen off the motivational ladder! In my mind I have half written a hundred posts or more but getting them completed and down on paper has proven to be more challenging than I’d like to admit! Do the seasons really affect us and our ability to get motivated? In my opinion the answer to this question is YES!

Continue reading “The Winter Blues or did I just fall off the motivational ladder!”

Today I say goodbye!

I wrote the following poem for someone who recently passed away, he was a lovely old gentleman and although I only knew him for a short time, he had touched my heart!


I lit a candle for you to help you find your way,

I watched the flame and thought of you and shed a tear that day,

It was a pleasure knowing you although it wasn’t for long,

You touched my heart all the same and I’m saddened that you’re gone,

I hope that you will be at peace and find the loved ones from your past,

I’m sure that they’d be waiting to reunite with you at last,

So stretch out your angel wings it’s time for you to fly,

I’ll always have a thought for you but today I say goodbye.




My Angel

I wrote this for two angels that I have in my life, two amazing people who have seen me though some really tough times!

You are my shining light when darkness falls,

You are my comfort when sadness calls,

You are my strength in times of need,

When I am lost I follow your lead,

You are my angel a true god send,

I am so honoured to call you my friend.